Ngilgi Cave

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Ngilgi Cave

Semi-guided tours of the show cave. Ngilgi Cave Centre open 9.00am - 5.00pm. Tours depart every half hour from 9.30am - 4.00pm daily. Extra tours during peak holiday times. Closed Christmas Day.
Ngilgi Cave is a 5-minute drive from Yallingup, or a 10-minute drive from Dunsborough along Caves Road.
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This exquisitely decorated cave, with its stunning stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and beautifully coloured shawls, was Western Australia’s first tourist attraction.
Hear stories of early exploration, caving by candlelight and romantic escapades from your expert guide, as you make your way to the main show cave, where you will be free to discover the beauty of Ngilgi Cave.

Extensive boardwalks lead you through the impressive chambers of this underground wonderland, with the junior explorer's tunnel providing fun for little ones. Along the way, lighting illuminates hidden marvels and signage allows you to learn more about the remarkable variety of calcite crystal decorations.

With a constant temperature of 20°C, the cave is an ideal place to visit year round.



Ngilgi Cave

76 Yallingup Caves Rd, Yallingup WA 6282, Australia


Star 4.7 (1757 Google reviews)
Tanya Lang 12 August 2022

Wow this was so much fun. You got to go really far down into the main chamber and you had to duck and twist through some of the narrow parts but it was no trouble at all. The humidity was crazy they said it was 100%. It was absolutely beautiful to see and our 7 year old absolutely loved the experience. What made it better was that you could look around at your own pace with no guided tour just a small one that the start to get you into the cave, this was good as kids can get board on long tours. It was a wonderful experience. Highly recommend

jigme yonten chhogyal 06 June 2022

The background history of this wonderful cave is very beautiful. More than hundred year old since it was first discovered in 1900s, this cave was popular for honeymoon goers and couple looking to tie a knot. The cave has got numismatic chambers or part up for different purpose. Cool thing about the main chamber is you got to look at the ceiling and be amazed and lost in your wildest imaginations. You got to sing or dance (cautiously though) as it’s a tradition of this cave! The cave got few narrow point inside so look out for your head and always stay close wit your children once inside. The lighting and safety has been well looked after. The tour guide were at each intersection making sure we were safe or to answer any questions. It’s semi-guided meaning you do your own findings and tour around, the guide escort you inside though but not for whole course. Always get ahead of time at 10 minutes to make sure you are not left behind by your group and miss it.

Aaron Michael 04 November 2022

This was by far one of the most unique and adventurous experience I’ve had down in the Margaret River region so far but it is tamed, easy and made super safe. Kudos to the team in building such solid infrastructure to bring this experience for the masses. Turning a 6-12 hour cave expedition into a family friendly 1-1.5 hour experience, bliss. If you have young children under the ages of 5-6, please be mindful that you may have to carry them and it would be a challenging descend and climb. There’s 300 odd steps/stairs to climb each way.

Royston Ong 17 January 2022

Love the caves. Has that sense of adventure but still very well set out and safe. Kids and toddlers friendly. Definitely recommend on your to-do list! Photos just don't do the caves any justice - come experience it yourselves!!