Dunsborough Jetski Tours

Star 4.9 (65 Google reviews)

Dunsborough Jetski Tours

Monday - Sunday: 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM
Quindalup Boat Ramp 371 Geographe Bay Road Dunsborough WA 6281
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The only jet ski tour in the Southwest! Explore the beautiful coastline of Dunsborough on their informative and scenic guided tours. An opportunity to see sea lions, dolphins and whales, this incredible adventure is suitable for all water lovers.
During several short stops at points of interest along the route of their tours, their guides offer information about the history, marine life, flora and fauna, and the current situation of the local area. Along the way you may even see dolphins, fur seals, whales and a huge variety of birdlife.
When you see the fascinating geology and stunning views, you’ll understand why this is one of the most popular attractions in the Margaret River region.

No licence is required and guests can enjoy the tours with limited, or years, of experience. 

Many guests who travel with Dunsborough Jetski Tours have never been on a jet ski before. Even though it is an adventure activity, the tours were specifically designed with a broad target market in mind and full safety briefings and lessons for riding the jet skis are conducted prior to the tour.  

Join them for an exhilarating jet ski experience!


Dunsborough Jetski Tours

lot 4820, Geographe Bay Rd, Quindalup WA 6281, Australia


Star 4.9 (65 Google reviews)
Hospitality Insider 21 December 2021

Had so much fun riding the jet ski’s with the family. Andy was a good tour guide with his Noongar heritage and expertise he brought a dimension to the tour which was great. Managed to go max speed on the jet ski’s in no time. They go to 70ish km/hour and definitely gives you the adrenaline. But if you want to go to slow and enjoy the scenery you could do that. But since we only had an hour tour time was not on our side. With the salt water in you eyes as you speed to the horizon it was such a great experience. This is was such a highlight and taking a dip in the water midway (unexpected of course 😉) it was a great day on the water. Highly recommend sound this if your in the dunsborough area!!

Jayden Armstrong 09 January 2023

Our trip unluckily got cancelled the first time we booked it due to the water being too choppy but we managed to book again and I'm thankful we did. Absolutely amazing experience. The tour guide was really informative and knew a lot about the history of the land. The Jet skis were amazing. Having never riden one I expected a bit of hardship, but right off the bat it was easy to get the hang of and the controls of the jet ski were explained well. I went on the 2 hour tour and it was amazing right from the get go. Hit about 70-80 kmh max speed and the feeling was great. This is great fun for older kids all the way to grandparents. Would recommend to anyone coming to Dunsborough, it's absolutely a must do.

Kathryn H 05 January 2023

This was the most fun thing I have ever done!!! Excellent tour guide, loved the aboriginal history he shared too. Beautiful weather and scenery. Will definitely be book again!

Kelly Carter 10 December 2022

Freaking sensational! Couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

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