Yalgardup (Kevill Road East) Falls

Star 4.4 (225 Google reviews)

Yalgardup Falls, also known as Kevill Road Waterfall is just a five minute drive west of Margaret River. This waterfall is not tall, but it is wide, and the thundering flow of water over the rocks makes it an exciting place to visit after the winter rains. At other times of the year, when the flow reduces to a gentle stream, you can rock-hop or walk right across the river.
Yalgardup Falls is located on Kevill Road, off Walcliffe Road. As this is not a well-known tourist spot there is no signpost, but the waterfall is visible from the road near the pull-over bay/ parking area.

Keep an eye out for kangaroos in this area! There are usually lots of them on or beside the road, especially in the early morning or late afternoon.


Yalgardup (Kevill Road East) Falls

Kevill Road Waterfall, Margaret River WA, Australia


Star 4.4 (225 Google reviews)
Kathi W 31 August 2022

A beautiful spot, just found on our travels. After lots of rain, it was impressive, even if it is only a small waterfall.

Lee Goodyear 01 October 2021

Beautiful place, easily accessible (Park on side of road right next to the river). You can follow the river line for a short walk or enjoy forest views. The water is flowing nicely (though reviews indicate this is not an all year event).

Candice Shields 20 February 2022

Several gravel car parking spots right next to the road. Water is low so no waterfall visible. The water view is okay but slightly ruined by the power lines running across it.

Josel San Diego 31 July 2022

very pretty place, not much else in the area to see, short walk up the creek as well