Boranup Forest Maze

Star 3.9 (104 Google reviews)

Head down Caves Road, through some of the finest tall forest and farmland in the South West and discover the Boranup Forest Maze, nestled on the edge of the Boranup Forest. Come and try the mindful maze meditation. Great chance to stretch the legs and lose the kids in the maze's hedges.
A leisurely 30 minute drive through the forest and farmland from Margaret River and 20 minutes from Augusta .

Stretch your legs and experiencing the forest trail atmosphere of the maze which is grown from native and exotic shrubs. Flowering in Spring you can collect seed for your own garden.  

Admission is $5 per adult and $2 per child.


Boranup Forest Maze

6 Maze Rd, Karridale WA 6288, Australia


Star 3.9 (104 Google reviews)
Neil Booth 07 July 2021

It's a bit of fun to get out and stretch your legs for 5 minutes, but that's really about all. The maze itself isn't overly challenging but does exercise the kids (if you want to confuse them there's short cuts built in so you can get ahead of them). Across the carpark from the toilets is a picnic table and I found the remnants of a formed camp fire. It's quite a shame that many of the plants from the maze have gone on to become weeds in the surrounding bushland.

Mo Zaatar 26 December 2018

A great small place to have fun at. It is a small maze that children can play and fix it within 1/2 hour max. There isn entry fees $5 for adult and 2 for per kid. No admission office, it’s just a little box. There is a small picnic area and bathroom as well

Steve Doherty 14 November 2023

Great little stop for the family. Easy garden maze, honesty box for a donation to enter. Also has a small box of fresh produce available for purchase.

Carole Ash 02 January 2019

An interesting little stopping place for a bit of fun in Boranup Forest. Entry is by donation of $5 per person and it was fun trying to find our way to the centre of the maze. For the less adventurous people there are little 'cheat' routes in and out, which could save some frustration if you're struggling to find the centre.