Meelup Reserve

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The Wadandi people (Salt Water People) are the Aboriginal custodians of the area and is named Meelup ‘Place of the Moon Rising’ as the full moon appears to rise out of the sea on a few days of the year. This is a spectacular sight and well-worth carving into the calendar.
Meelup Regional Park covers an impressive 11.5 kilometres of coastline from Dunsborough to Bunker Bay. The coastline here faces northeast, which means that it is sheltered enough for tall trees and dense vegetation to grow down to the water’s edge. The park encompasses whale watching lookouts and some of the best beaches in Western Australia.

If you're a fan of wildflowers, go for a stroll on the coastal track east towards Castle Rock or west to Eagle Bay. Here you will see Spider, Donkey, Enamel, Mustard, Jug and the rare Dunsborough Orchids. Pea Bushes, Acacias (Wattles), Hakeas and Hibbertia (Buttercup) can also be found along the track.

Meelup is a favourite picnic spot with lawn areas, BBQ's and shady trees overlooking the water. The reserve also has public toilets and showers.



Meelup Reserve

Meelup Beach Rd, Dunsborough WA 6280, Australia


Star 4.7 (994 Google reviews)
Chris and Bec 18 January 2022

One of the most beautiful beaches in WA's South. Protected from some winds, and the water temperature was beautiful and the clarity was good. Good spot for a longer session, shade, snorkel, picnic could even spend half a day here.

Laura Margaret 07 February 2022

Absolutely stunning - minus the incredibly sad fire damage in the regional park itself. Hopefully the bushland recovers quickly. Meelup beach is always a family favourite, such a gentle beach so perfect for little kids or adults looking for a calm swim. The day we went was a bit windy but we still enjoyed the beach as it’s relatively sheltered anyway. A great spot for an all day beach affair as there is lots of natural shade along the beach. Lifeguards on attendance too to kept an eye out for sharks!

Andrew Oldfield 04 January 2022

Meelup is beautiful serene area in the region with a number of beaches and walking tracks. Meelup Beach has plenty of shde under the pepermint trees and there are great facilities to wash off the salt and sand. Castle Rock is another beautiful beach, smaller than Meelup, but does the trick. Summer time has plenty of flies to keep you company be warned. Dogs not welcome unfortunately.

Riph Raph 27 January 2023

Eagle Bay has great beaches with some of the finest and softest beach sand you will find outside of Esperance in WA. Appears to be a popular ⚓️ anchorage for super yachts.