Whale Watch Western Australia

Star 4.9 (229 Google reviews)

Learn the language of the whales and whale watch all year round. Whale watch experts will guide you through the cruise with in-depth knowledge of the whales on their journeys and migrations, day to day life and fascinating history, facts and stories. This 5 star whale watch experience is owned and operated by a passionate West Australian family providing guests with a world class experience focused on education, research and introducing you to the dinosaurs of the deep

Learn the language of the whales with Whale Watch Western Australia, dedicated whale watching operator sighting whales all year round!

Join the pod and learn the language of the whales via the live onboard expert commentary and be welcomed aboard Western Australia's Premier Whale Watch Vessel the Steep Point.

$2.5M, 25 meter purpose built whale watch vessel designed for speed and luxury with the highest priority for customer safety and satisfaction ensures a memorable trip.

Expert commentary discovering humpback whales, southern right whales, blue whales, orca, sperm whales and dolphins throughout our year long season.

Bremer Canyon Orca Experience - January to March

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Experience - March to May

Epic Northern Migration - May to August

Southern Humpback Migration September - December



Whale Watch Western Australia

Sardine Jetty, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia


Star 4.9 (229 Google reviews)
Jan Hunter 26 August 2023

I am more than happy to give this professional and friendly, family operated business a 5 star rating. I had booked the VIP Captains Lounge Experience for my trip today and was so pleased I had. It was such a treat to watch the whales from the comfort of the Captains Lounge, enjoy the expansive view, the included refreshments and the extra special personal touches. The captain and crew have the welfare and comfort of the whales as a high priority and manoeuvre the vessel when with the whales in such a manner as not to cause them distress resulting in whales who were very comfortable to approach the boat and check us out on several occasions. It was an incredibly enjoyable trip and I will certainly be booking future trips with Whale Watch Western Australia. Thanks Leanne, Drew and the crew for a memorable morning.

Shannon Lee 15 November 2023

Fantastic tour! We were lucky to sight the humpback whales on 6 Nov (as many have told us it was nearing the end of migration season). The mama and calf whales waved their pectoral fins and did multiple breaches that took our breaths away - they are truly magnificent! The team on board were great too! Checking in to ensure everyone caught sight of the whales and ensure those who were prone to seasickness were ok 👍 nausea bags are available. Watching the whales from indoor was decent too as the clean window panes provided a clear view. There are also colour pencils/markers and sea creature postcards for little ones to color and have fun. Highly recommend this tour! :)

Sophie Blackstock 24 October 2023

Lovely boat, friendly and informative staff. Just felt like we had a disappointing experience as was quite overcrowded. Many times we were told that whales were on a certain side, and we did try different spots but I couldn’t see past people and missed special moments that I was really looking forward to.

Shauna McCabe 27 March 2024

Bremer bay orca experience - Amazing tour with friendly and knowledgeable crew. Being family run it has an intimate feel and didn’t feel like we were intruding or chasing the whales. A bucket list item ticked off and couldn’t fault a single thing. One piece of advice - even if you don’t get sea sick take anti sickness night before & morning off. Quite a few people’s days ruined by sea sickness. If you are well prepared a day out with these guys will be a day to remember! Thanks guys!

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