Whale Watch Western Australia

Star 4.9 (103 Google reviews)

Learn the language of the whales and whale watch all year round. Whale watch experts will guide you through the cruise with in-depth knowledge of the whales on their journeys and migrations, day to day life and fascinating history, facts and stories. This 5 star whale watch experience is owned and operated by a passionate West Australian family providing guests with a world class experience focused on education, research and introducing you to the dinosaurs of the deep

Learn the language of the whales with Whale Watch Western Australia, dedicated whale watching operator sighting whales all year round!

Join the pod and learn the language of the whales via the live onboard expert commentary and be welcomed aboard Western Australia's Premier Whale Watch Vessel the Steep Point.

$2.5M, 25 meter purpose built whale watch vessel designed for speed and luxury with the highest priority for customer safety and satisfaction ensures a memorable trip.

Expert commentary discovering humpback whales, southern right whales, blue whales, orca, sperm whales and dolphins throughout our year long season.

Bremer Canyon Orca Experience - January to March

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Experience - March to May

Epic Northern Migration - May to August

Southern Humpback Migration September - December



Whale Watch Western Australia

Sardine Jetty, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia


Star 4.9 (103 Google reviews)
margaret leyssenaar 29 April 2022

Did the Perth canyon blue 🐋 tour. Unfortunately first time out no whales seen but where able to go again at no cost, as this company will continue taking you until you see the blue whale.. We did see the whales on a following trip and it was very close not just a fleeting glimpse but surfaced a number of times close to the boat. Staff were Excellent friendly and helpful, food on board was fresh and hot. Would highly recommend whale watch western Australia.

The Fullers 22 October 2021

Fantastic Trip, lovely family owned business, very professional, helpful, and had a wealth of knowledge, the cleanliness on board was impeccable. I would have posted pictures of the whales but these were taken with my camera and not my phone, so here I post some pictures of our trip from my phone, with sister boat 'Whale watch 1'

Stephanie Baker 01 September 2022

Amazing day out whale watching. Fantastic experience yes we did see whales. The crew are sooo friendly very interactive, a wealth of knowledge which they are more than happy to share. A family owned and run business. So welcoming from the minute we boarded Can highly recommend. Thank you all for a beautiful day

GARY B 14 September 2021

Very relaxed day out, staff friendly lots of info about the whales and surrounding water ways, migration etc. We saw mum and calf and dolphins but they were taking it easy so didn't get to a much of them coming out of the water. But It was still fun and loved it. It is so cool riding up front on way to find whales. But my favourite was the dog (I think he was captain and looked bossy lol) with the uniform on , that made my day. Thank you for relaxing day 😊

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