Mikis Open Kitchen

Star 4.7 (523 Google reviews)

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Mikis Open Kitchen

Tuesday - Saturday (some public holiday weekend exceptions) 6-10pm
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Miki's Open Kitchen in Margaret River features an open kitchen where guests can watch Miki and his team prepare authentic Japanese dishes.
The dishes served won’t be found in Japan. Instead, on the plate, you will meet with ingredients that Miki relies on, from the farmer’s hands that work the fertile soil borne by the salt cloaked breeze and natural minerals. 

Combined with a rich array of local produce and technique of using shallow copper pots, the dynamic vibe at Miki's is reflected in the tailor-made degustation. An eclectically curated range of Japanese sake and local wines completes the culinary experience.



Mikis Open Kitchen

131 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia


Star 4.7 (523 Google reviews)
Cathie 11 November 2023

If you’re in WA you HAVE to visit Miki’s Open Kitchen in Margaret River. My husband and I have just dined there tonight for the first time and it was the most amazing dinner we’ve ever had!! I’m sure you would absolutely love it.

Danica V 28 September 2023

An amazing experience. Tiny delicious morsels of unexpected joy. Fantastic pairings the non alcoholic was also great. Down sides were the venu is busy and if yr by the door its not ideal. Set menu was an experience but i did miss not being able to order more of your favourites as you went along. Also theres timed seatings so we were rushed out at the end. Some of our party were still peckish after the meal as the serving sizes are small bites only. The tempura date, scallop and kohl rabi were my very favourites with the black garlic nori coming in a close second.

Dipen Dhruv 10 August 2023

What an experience!! Starting with the service - just impeccable, we were just lucky to walk up to the restaurant for last minute reservations, the host obliged and we got the last 2 seats for a packed house ! The courses were well designed even taking care of a pescatarian like me, the matching wines were just perfect so too were the beers :-) Thanks Miki & team for a great night !!

Bex 17 July 2023

I wish this was a better review, but I really can't see what people are losing their minds over here. For approximately $100 you can have about 20 bites of food in a very noisy restaurant with some small drinks. While some bites were really, really nice, some lacked complete imagination. I live in China, and a bowl of what equates to the worst watery "street noodles" was unimaginative, not elevated and quite frankly disappointing. It was nearly impossible to hear what any servers description of the plates were as well. Maybe for the area this is high end, but I left disappointed and my friend left hungry. Less variety with a bit larger portion would have been nice. Also, seat less people or at least work on the ambiance (felt like a crowded diner).