Squidlips Dunsborough

Star 3.5 (417 Google reviews)

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Squidlips Dunsborough

Monday - Sunday: 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM, 4:30 until 7:30 PM
Located on Dunn Bay Road, next door to the Dunsboruugh Centrepoint Shopping Centre. Entrance by Dunn Bay Road or the Coles carpark.
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Squidlips is a critically acclaimed, gourmet Fish'n'Chips shop in the small, south west town of Dunsborough. The Squidlips Dunsborough team takes pride in providing customers with delicious fresh seafood for lunch & dinner. Head in today for the Squidlips Experience!
Squidlips Dunsborough is a family owned and run business, committed to providing customers with delicious fresh gourmet seafood, salads, & much more. 

100% cold filtered Rice Bran Oil is used, a healthy alternative which is cholesterol & preservative free, rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3, 6 & various anti-oxidants and also low in saturated fats. After this healthy oil has been used it is then processed in to bio-diesel to fuel cars! 

Squidlips offers a variety of fresh fish (Subject to availability) including barramundi, dhufish, goldband snapper, pink snapper & coral trout which can be grilled plain, lemon pepper or cajun spiced. You can also choose from flake, hake & snapper which is available fried in crispy batter. The baby squid is set to impress, available in salt 'n' pepper or chilli seasoning.



Squidlips Dunsborough

Dunsborough Centrepoint Shopping Centre, 27a/55 Dunn Bay Rd, Dunsborough WA 6281, Australia


Star 3.5 (417 Google reviews)
Richard Ye 28 March 2024

I got baby squid and tiramisu. Very delicious, will definitely come back again.

juliette Duffy 18 January 2024

Squid Lips Dunsborough just hit the spot perfectly for me and my two girlfriends on our WA holiday. My two friends are gluten intolerant and we ordered the lemon pepper grilled fish - it came sprinkled with spring onions and was DELICIOUS! If you order the chips you must get the chicken salt….soooo good

Katherine Constance 22 October 2023

Although review wasn't remarkable, went there to give it a try. Unexpected, it was a great find! Hake, Barramundi, Squid ring were fresh and batter was crispy and not overly oily. Chips with lightly salted were delicious! Love it!

SuperZac06 23 January 2023

I went in there and it has a nice vibe. They have good customer service as they are very polite and while you wait they gave us free samples of brownies and caramel shortbread. Unfortunately though the wait time is quite long and for my my experience it was around 40 minutes which was acceptable due to it being quite busy. The food portions were pretty good other then the chips which were quite a small portion. Overall the food was very good the fish was well cooked, the chips were decently seasoned, and the squid almost had that perfect flavour and would nearly melt in your mouth. Solid 7/10