Yahava KoffeeWorks

Star 4.5 (845 Google reviews)

Yahava KoffeeWorks

Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM until 4:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 7:00 AM until 4:30 PM
Located at the back of Doust Corner at the junction of Bussell Hwy and Andrews Way (formerly Rosa brook Rd or Andrews Retreat)
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When you walk into Yahava KoffeeWorks you walk into a playground for grown-ups and the theme is coffee. It can almost be guaranteed that you will discover a coffee that not only captures your taste buds but also your heart.
Yahava imports coffees and teas from all over the world and at a KoffeeWorks you will discover just how different coffees can be.  Learn all the different ways to brew coffee and, of course, also see coffee being roasted fresh each day. 

The friendly crew will guide you on your Yahava adventure by taking you back to the origin of the coffee, all the way through to your cup.  Their Academy runs regular courses on brewing and making coffees plus they have a large range of loose leaf teas and much, much more. 

The Koffee Safari brings you in a bit closer to the action - roast your own coffee and then be taken through the journey from crop to your cup utilising different brew methods along the way.



Yahava KoffeeWorks

2/2 Andrews Retreat, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia


Star 4.5 (845 Google reviews)
Travis Vandermeer 25 January 2022

I've always loved Yahava coffee. Their coffee is great and the staff have always been very friendly and knowledgeable. In these strange times we are living in, we're finding our which side of history businesses will choose to stand on and I'm very pleased to say that Yahava are one of the good guys. Had a totally relaxed, welcoming and inclusive experience in there. These guys get it. Well done!

Sandy Chahal 14 September 2020

Nice coffee and tea.

Alan Batt 17 September 2020

Interesting place

Matthew Byrne 16 January 2022

Awesome place with awesome coffee. The drive through part / system needs rethinking / redesigning because there is almost always a line and the menu is not until near the ordering window. When the girls come and ask for your order up the line, you have to order long before you have even seen the menu boards. But do yourself a favour and walk in... its a great place with a number of other small businesses there also.