Star 4.3 (11 Google reviews)
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Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday - Saturday: 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
As you enter Margaret River town centre, SKUHLPT is located on the left-hand side of the main street of Bussell Highway.
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S K U H L P T is a dedicated space to invest in SELF. Featuring a ten bed Reformer Pilates studio + curated wellness store for you to shop all things from activewear to SELF care. A space where movement of the body, meets stillness of the mind. a place to create your own sacred movement + gifting ritual. Your sanctuary for SELF
Nestled quietly within the heart of Margaret River, you will find a sanctuary for SELF. 

An ode to the sacred movement + gifting ritual to SELF. Step inside the S K U H L P T sanctuary, and you will find that a delicious sense of calm + balance awaits. An airy white space with grounding finishes inspired by the pristine surrounds of the coast + bush. Lingering incense, fresh blooms + tunes to set the tone. all of the sensory moments are taken care of. Inviting you to take pause, and indulge in this time with SELF. 

Meticulous attention to detail has been given to all aspects of the pilates studio, from premium white Allegro 2 reformer beds to quality + carefully crafted hand weights + props.

Their wellness store is an extension of your mindful movement practice. A place for you to gift yourself, or to express gratitude to someone else. Here you will find a carefully curated selection of brands, activewear, equipment, homewares, wellness + self-care products that feel true to the ritual you create by being in their space.

So they  invite you to join a class, explore the store, and take a little piece of S K U H L P T home with you. 

They promise you this - it is a commitment to SELF that will leave you wanting more. 



97 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia


Star 4.3 (11 Google reviews)
Siobhan Baldock 03 May 2023

Incredible instructors. Wonderful and caring owner Marcela. Challenging and dynamic class structure with great use of props to value add to the experience. Highly recommend the classes here and the studio is beautiful. The shop front store is just what the town needed as there is no where else to buy activewear. It’s beautifully well thought out stocking quality brands. Would recommend this studio & store to everyone.

Kathryn Godridge 17 June 2023

I absolutely love Skuhlpt. The location is perfect and you can always find a class time that suits you. I have gained strength, balance & always come away feeling great. Marcela has created a beautiful space from the store front to the private space for the classes. Very professional caring instructors. Highly recommend Skuhlpt Pilates Studio

Darcy Lewis 05 July 2023

I cannot recommend SKUHLPT enough. I have been to heaps of pilates studios, where the goal is to push your body to the limits so you leave with cramps and a sore neck. Marcela and her team took the time in my first few classes to show me exactly how to position my body so that i wasn't just sweating, but actually strengthening and understanding my body better! I cant stress enough the effect this studio and the pilates classes I have enjoyed have benefited my mental health as well as my physical wellbeing. It is such a beautiful and safe space, and I have recommended this to my nearest and dearest, and will continue to recommend to anyone who will put up with my obsession over this place. The staff CARE about your body, your limits, and what you want to gain from pilates. Not about getting a 'beach body'. Love it, thank you so much Marcela. It's a pleasure to have you in town

Carmel Mansfield 15 March 2023

The owner was super welcoming and lovely when I went in there to have a browse. The store is beautifully presented. We chatted about common interests and she was interested and an interesting person. I loved hearing how the shop and studio came to be. I’m excited to try the Pilates in the coming week.

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