Uniquely Balanced

Uniquely Balanced has just launched their cozy bell tent sound meditation space. Weekly sound meditations are now available Monday 9.15am and Sunday 4pm. Book via their website or the booking link on Instagram. Private group sound meditation sessions are also available by direct request.

The team at Uniquely Balanced offers a range of therapy modalities to help harmonise your body, mind, spirit, so you can find perfect balance and full body relaxation. Their therapists look at your body holistically and facilitate individualised sessions personalised to what your body requires on the day of your appointment.
Energetic Therapies is a traditional medicine approach, it is devoted to holistic care. It looks at the whole person's mind, body and spirit not just the individual symptoms or parts of the person. In the West, the terms complementary and alternative medicines are used to describe this approach, however, traditional medicine is the medicine of culture,  working with subtle energies to find perfect flow. Tamara, your energetic therapist will personalise your session for you listening to your body and what you require on the day of your session. Often combining modalities of reiki, ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment), chakra balancing with crystals, pendulums or therapeutic sound bowls and sound massage.

Peter Hess ® Sound Massage & Sound Meditation is a unique holistic method of working with sound & vibration. Therapeutic sound bowls are placed gently on the body and used in the auric layers around the body. The vibrations of the bowls on your body bring you to a deep state of relaxation.  Sound massage is a fantastic option for those that do not enjoy regular massage as there is minimal use of hands in this method. Touch is used on the body but only to signal the placement of bowls. 

The therapists at Uniquely Balanced look forward to guiding you along your path of finding balance and sharing sound with you.  



Uniquely Balanced

Kilcarnup Rd, Burnside WA 6285, Australia

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