Witchcliffe is a quaint little town, full of old-world charm, just south of Margaret River. Like many of the other southern towns of the region, Witchcliffe has a significant timber history and was a siding for the train line that went to Busselton. The town itself has a number of unique gift stores and buildings that date back to early settlement times.

West of Witchcliffe is Redgate, known for its rocky outcrops, surf break and beautiful (but sometimes treacherous) sandy Calgardup Beach. Redgate is also the location of the legendary Georgette shipwreck, which sank in 1876 near Calgardup Beach. Aboriginal stockman Sam Isaacs and his employer’s 16-year-old daughter, Grace Bussell, rode their horses into the surf to rescue the passengers and crew. The wreck’s location was rediscovered in 1964.

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