Cabin Fever: Cheese Toastie Battle (SOLD OUT)

Sunday, 17th July 2022 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm


Cabin Fever’s Cheese Toastie Battle returns  for yet another gruelling clash to determine 2022’s cheese toastie champion.

You’ll see the best of the best go head-to-head, in a bid to create the most awesome cheese toastie you’ve ever accidentally burnt the roof of your mouth on. Witnesses of this historic event get five cheese toastie samples, plus a glass of wine or beer on arrival.

the Cheese Toatsie Battle is one of 40+ events included in the Margaret River Regions favourite winter festival, Cabin Fever. Now in its sixth year, Cabin Fever is laden with unique events for lovers of decadent food, fine local wines and live music. Grab your tickets and start planning your trip now.