Leavers Dunsborough 2020

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COVID-19 Response Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WA School Leavers program with organised events from Monday, 23 November through to Thursday, 26 November will take on a slightly different feel this year.

A night-time entertainment zone will again be established in Dunsborough, with WA Police determining how the event schedule may look.

WA Police is working with partner organisations and the Department of Health for potential options for structured activities which would comply with the relevant directions and all other COVID-19 health requirements.

The key focus for WA Police, with respect to School Leavers, is to provide harm minimisation and safety to the School Leavers and the local south-west community.

School leavers and parents are encouraged to download the free Leavers App, which will be updated with this year’s information soon. It will have all the latest information on events, getting around, and tips to stay safe.

For updates on the School Leavers schedule for Leavers week, please refer to the Leavers WA Facebook page.

(Updated 22nd September 2020)

Welcome to our information page for WA Leavers, heading to Busselton and Dunsborough for 23 – 26 November 2020!

Leavers is an awesome time to unwind with your mates, and there’s nowhere better to relax and celebrate than Busselton and Dunsborough. Swim and chill at the epic Meelup Beach Party and relax in the cool vibe of the seaside town of Dunsborough. Mum and Dad can relax knowing that you’re chilling out in a safe, secure place, and that if anything goes wrong you’ve got great people here to help.

What’s on at Dunsborough Leavers

The party at the famous Dunsborough Leavers Entertainment Zone runs each night 7pm-1am. It’s a drug, alcohol and smoke-free area where about 8,500 Leavers celebrate.

The zone has DJs, Silent Disco, awesome rides, chill out and movie tent, food trucks and a fully equipped medical area. The zone gets pretty hectic, with some theme nights as well, but mum and dad can relax knowing you’re in safe hands and that there’s a bus service included in your event wristband to take you back to most Busselton and Dunsborough based accommodation (see bus route).

Hit the exclusive Leavers Meelup Beach Party on the Wednesday, hosted by Royal Life Saving WA! Bring your boardies and bathers and get ready for a massive beach party with volleyball, beach activities, resident DJ, food trucks and the stunning Meelup Beach as backdrop. There’s also lots of shaded grass area to sit back and enjoy the vibes.

Image Gallery Credit: Tim Campbell

A guide to selecting Leavers accommodation

When it comes to Leavers, many accommodation properties across the region go the extra mile to make sure you have a fun and safe Leavers experience with your mates. Many will include additional activities or services to supplement your Leavers stay, so make sure to ask when you make a booking.

Criteria to consider:

Look for accommodation operators that partner with event organisers to ensure that you have a safe and fun Leavers experience – the accommodation options listed below do just that!
Look for accommodation located within walking distance of the official Leavers bus route. Use of the bus service is included in your Leavers wristband purchase and is the best way to access the nightly Leavers Zone, Meelup Beach Day and the daytime service connecting the larger accommodation zones in Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup over the event duration. If a property is not located on the route, check if they have an optional add-on service available
Some accommodation operators will also provide in-house activities or meal options as part of the Leavers week package  – e.g. pancake breakfast, BBQs, food truck visits, late night supper
Official accommodation partners may also go to the extra effort of providing additional security or 24 hour support over Leavers – with many also reserving their property exclusively to Leavers

Official Leavers Accommodation partners in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River

Please contact the accommodation providers direct to enquire about availability. The Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River Visitor Centres are unable to book Leavers accommodation and most cannot be booked online due to special stay criteria around the event.

Study hard, enjoy your final year of school and see you in Dunsborough for Leavers 2020!

Amalfi Resort 9754 3311 Fully booked for 2020
Aqua Resort 9750 4200 Fully booked for 2020
Bayview Geographe Resort 9755 4166 Fully booked for 2020
BIG4 Beachlands  9752 2107 Availability, please call
Broadwater Resort 9754 1633 Fully booked for 2020
Busselton Beach Resort 9752 3444 Availability, please call
Busselton Holiday Village 9752 4499 Availability, please call
Busselton Ithaca Motel 9751 4858 Availability, please call
Busselton Jetty Chalets 9752 3893 Fully booked for 2020
Busselton Motel 9752 1544 Fully booked for 2020
Busselton Villas & Caravan Park 9752 1175 Availability, please call
Four Seasons Caravan Park 9755 4082 Availability, please call
Jacaranda Guest House 9751 5973 Fully booked for 2020
Restawile Motel 9754 4600 Limited availability, please call
Ringtails Motel 9752 1200 Limited availability, please call
Sandy Bay Holiday Park 9752 2003 Availability, please call
Dunsborough Beach House YHA 9755 3107 Fully booked for 2020.
Dunsborough Central Motel 9756 7711 Limited availability, please call
Dunsborough Lakes Caravan Park 9756 300 Availability, please call
Dunsborough Rail Carriages 9755 3865 Limited availability, please call
Southern Stars Holiday Park Dunsborough Zone night service only 9755 1331 Camping availability, please call
Toby Inlet Bed & Breakfast 9756 7653 Fully booked for 2020.
Caves Caravan Park 9755 2196 Limited availability, please call
Erravilla Country Estate 9755 1008 Limited availability, please call
Premalaya 9756 6460 Availability, please call
Sea Breeze Chalets 0407 673 044 Fully booked for 2020
Yallingup Forest Resort 9755 2550 Availability, please call
Margaret’s Beach Resort 9757 1227 Availability, please call
Caves Road Chalets 9755 5266 Availability, please call
Riverglen Chalets 9757 2101 Fully booked for 2020
Stay Margaret River 9757 2633 Availability, please call

Are you a parent or carer who wishes to visit Dunsborough or Busselton in the lead up to the event or wanting to be close at hand during celebrations? It’s easy to book a stay in the area, and we will be happy to offer any advice you need.

Book Accommodation Contact Your Local Visitor Centre