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Redgate Beach

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After a day of surfing heavy reef breaks, Redgate offers a nice easy beach break set among beautiful coastal dunes and ancient granite boulders. It can be great for beginners in the right conditions, but beware of rips. It likes a swell from the south to south-west with easterly wind, but its location offers some protection, so it's worth a look when all else fails.

For the bird enthusiasts!
Australasian Gannet, Eastern Reef Egret, Osprey and Hooded Plover are all worth looking for. In the vegetation near the beach, you can also look for Rock Parrot, Little Eagle, Australian Hobby and Nankeen Kestrel.

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Google Reviews

A great family friendly beach with amazing sunsets. Parking can be tricky when the surfs are good. Not much shade so bring your own shade tents and cold drinks. For surfers out there, this is a sand break. Great for beginners learning to surf. The drop in is pretty quick, so you have to be fast. Syafiq Tan
This is a great spot to come for a swim or watch surfers or just hang out and relax. Beautiful part of Margaret River. The parking can be tricky as car park fills up on busy days, i would not recommend driving down here with a caravan, maybe camper trailer, but not a caravan. No toilets that i could see either.... Also track to beach is not great for elderly (those unstable on their feet) or anyone in a wheel chair. Patrick
Stunning views, soft sands and clear water Al Smith
Beautiful beach, big waves, large stretch of sand. Beware the rip!! Kieran
Redgate is always good. Even when it's onshore. Ryan Fearnall
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