Redgate Beach

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After a day of surfing heavy reef breaks, Redgate offers a nice easy beach break set among beautiful coastal dunes and ancient granite boulders. It can be great for beginners in the right conditions, but beware of rips. It likes a swell from the south to south-west with easterly wind, but its location offers some protection, so it's worth a look when all else fails.
For the bird enthusiasts!
Australasian Gannet, Eastern Reef Egret, Osprey and Hooded Plover are all worth looking for. In the vegetation near the beach, you can also look for Rock Parrot, Little Eagle, Australian Hobby and Nankeen Kestrel.


Redgate Beach

Redgate Beach, Redgate Rd, Redgate WA 6286


Star 4.8
Julie Ellen 07 October 2020

Best beach! Every Margaret River trip either begins or ends at this beach. Beautiful rocks, the water has an amazing range of colours from crystal clear to stormy grey blue. Not bad surf and many rocks and nature trails to explore. Go there!

Marc Eberlein 12 December 2020

Good surf, nice beaches!

Redhead Digital Marketing 09 August 2021

This is a stunning, secluded beach.

Callum Johnston 07 January 2021

Walking along this beach doing Cape to Cape with a group of friends was great, we stopped, had a well needed swim and I came back later in the year to shred those waves. I wouldn't recommend going out far if you are swimming, especially at certain times of year unless you are game enough but the sur...