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When you walk into a KoffeeWorks you walk into a playground for grown-ups and the theme is COFFEE. We can almost guarantee you will discover a coffee that not only captures your taste buds but also your heart.
We import coffees and teas from all over the world and at a KoffeeWorks you will discover just how different coffees can be. Learn all the different ways to brew coffee and of course see coffee being roasted fresh each day. Our Krew will guide you through your Yahava adventure and introduce you to hand made chocolates and other tropical delights. Our Academy runs regular courses on brewing and making coffees plus we have a big range of leaf teas and much, much more.
Below you will see information on Koffee Safaris and Complimentary Tastings.

Open daily from 9-5pm with
Koffee Tastings
all day, from 9-4.30pm

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As well as twelve ‘Private Bin’ coffees, we regularly import micro lots of coffees that really impress us. When these coffees are harvested we get to select the best. Our ‘Specialty Estate’ coffees are samples of these great coffees but they are usually in very limited supply. We also blend a number of these into a regional collection we call ‘Taste the World’. Once again when they’re gone they’re gone. But if you are looking for the world’s very best coffees and price is not an issue then you will find what you are looking for in our Grand Cru selection.