Boranup Beach

Star 4.3 (12 Google reviews)

The four-wheel drive-only access track in to Boranup Beach is as challenging as the end destination is spectacular. White sand. Blue ocean. Two regional coastal commodities whose beauty is accelerated at Boranup by the complete lack of alternate distraction.
There will be no crowds. No houses on the hill to interrupt that feeling of pristine geography. The track down is a little bumpy, but Boranup Beach itself is long and flat, the ocean a calm curve meeting the fine sand of shore. Small waves roll through on moderate swells, while a bigger push will activate a bit of beach break power. The landscape is an uninterrupted view of horizon and endless coastline that runs finally into a sheer wall of cliff.


Boranup Beach

Boranup Beach, Boranup WA 6286


Star 4.3
Redhead Digital Marketing 23 August 2021

Difficult to get to, you need a 4x4, but it's worth making it to the bottom as the beach is beautiful.

Sam Pereira 02 April 2021

Amazing place , 4WD only , put your tires down , very soft sand while you are driving

Ashley Smith 13 March 2020

Nice clear water and great place to swim and Take the kids, just keep an eye on the tides and waves as some parts of the beach get rough.

Gaz Ahern 16 July 2019

If you can get there... It's worth it. Nestled away deep in the south west forest.. Once you find the beach, words don't describe how pristine it is. The beach stretches for miles, with picture perfect aqua blue water. You will need a 4wd to get there.