Granny’s Pool

Star 4.7 (431 Google reviews)

Granny’s Pool

Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM
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The idea of a wild southwest is articulated along the Augusta shoreline. Granny’s Pool is a hamlet from this Southern Ocean expanse.
Tucked up in Flinders Bay, an ocean outcrop of rock rings around the pool and breaks the southerly swells, creating a swathe of calm blue. Stillness in the midst of stunning coastal ferocity. Family-friendly is a theme along the Flinders Bay coastline, and the landscape surrounding Granny’s Pool is no exception. Hunt for crabs. Snorkel in the shallows. Take breaks beneath nearby shade trees. As the furthest point of land on the southwest coast, exploration forms an enormous part of Augusta’s character and history. Granny’s Pool is safe harbour for the intrepid, and a wonderful launch pad of adventure for pint-sized pioneers.



Granny’s Pool

Augusta WA 6290, Australia


Star 4.7 (431 Google reviews)
aqib khan 10 January 2024

Located in Augusta, this beach is a wonderful family-friendly and sheltered beach. There is a floating platform that children may jump off of, which makes the beach a pleasant place to go because it is protected from the surf. Among the amenities available are a playground, a grassy area with shade, restrooms, and outdoor showers for washing

remi chisholm 13 January 2024

Such a nice beach to swim at and there’s some good snorkelling spots around the pools. So many unique shells to find yourself too! It wasn’t too busy the day we went here, but the itself beach is pretty big anyway.

Derry Bayliss 11 October 2023

So beautiful, a magical location. Would be an awesome place to retire to.

Cliff Slodecki 10 January 2024

Great swimming beach which is very well protected by outer reef and safe for kids. Lovely parkland and kids playground on the foreshore. The day we went, it was very busy with family groups enjoying the fine weather and the beach.