Point Picquet

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A peek-a-boo strip of white sand that comes and goes with the tide. Red ochre rocks that tumble out of shrub and into the blue. This is Point Picquet, striking and architectural.
Swimming is accessible, though it does require a clamber to shore. There is small surf off the point.

Boats are attracted to the inlet, as are fishing enthusiasts keen to cast from shore. Marine health is prized, with this stretch of beach forming part of the protected Eagle Bay Special Purpose Zone (where fishing from a boat is not permitted).

This is a great spot to whale watch in near isolation through the migratory months of June through to November, and to rock pool hop in summer.

Appreciation of Point Picquet is best accessed via quiet enjoyment of its diverse appeal.


Point Picquet

Naturaliste WA 6281, Australia


Star 4.7 (160 Google reviews)
Ben Tico 15 November 2022

Wow very beautiful little lookout over the bay, the pullout is pretty good and has several parking spots, plenty available during a week day. There is a toilet there as well.

Kit Teguh 13 August 2022

How do you say this? Pick-ay, pick-ett, pick-kette? Regardless of how you're going to butcher the pronunciation, this is a great place to stop by to take a few photos, or test your dexterity in climbing low level rocks. Not sure if I'd go for a swim here though, Eagle Bay or Meelup may be a tad nicer for that.


Found a beautiful octopus. Clean blue water. No strong currents when no wind

Tia Spitieris 27 December 2022

Brilliant for diving, snorkeling, careful for sharks, choppers about, and it did sound the alarm for a 2 metre tiger shark... ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ❤️😍🤿🌊🦈 of your not afraid to get into the water 🌊💦