Sugarloaf Rock

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Sugarloaf Rock

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From Dunsborough, drive along the scenic Cape Naturaliste Road for approximately 10km then turn left onto Sugarloaf Road. Follow Sugarloaf Road for about 3 km. Sugarloaf Rock and the car park are at the end of the road.
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Sugarloaf Rock is a gigantic granite rock that emerges from the Indian Ocean extremely close to the mainland. The rock is situated within a designated nature reserve in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park just off Cape Naturaliste near Dunsborough. As you approach Sugarloaf Rock you will instantly see why this towering, sea-sculptured rock is one of the most photographed coastal landforms in the region. With its ocean side often battered by treacherous seas, and the rock separated from the coast by a narrow channel of wild water, this is an incredible seascape - best viewed from the elevated lookout.
Sugarloaf Rock is one of the region’s most spectacular coastal landforms and unique environments. It is no wonder that it is one of the hallmark images of Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year, Christian Fletcher and it has graced the cover of the Australian Geographic magazine. With its ever-changing colour, it is difficult to decide when it’s best to see it. Perhaps it is when the weather is stormy with crashing seas, perhaps it is when it is calm and sunny and the water is crystal clear. Perhaps the greatest sight is when the sun sets over the Indian Ocean and the colour of the rock changes every minute. If you wait long enough at sunset, you can even see the working Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse light up! 

Sugarloaf Rock is a bird watcher's and nature lover’s paradise. As a nature reserve, it is a haven for nesting seabirds and is home to the geographically restricted and graceful red-tailed tropic bird which nests here from September to February each year. But that’s not the only wildlife you may see. Playful bottlenose dolphins can often be seen leaping through the surf break close by, sometimes together with the surfers. Humpback and southern right whales are often seen wallowing, breaching or just cruising by on their migration (best time July - October). 

Spend a little more time and walk on the Cape to Cape Track towards the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, which is only three kilometres away. It is a spectacular walk along the cliff tops looking up to the lighthouse, with the Indian Ocean, stunning surf and beautiful bays on one side and native Australian coastal bush complete with Australian wildlife on the other side. This area provides a great example of Western Australian wildflowers which are gorgeous and plentiful in season (September – November), making for even more stunning photographs. The path itself is an easy walking path of hard limestone which then becomes a sealed path, and then an amazing boardwalk. Conveniently placed benches allow walkers to sit and gaze at the ocean, dolphins or migrating whales, or spy on fluttering wrens. (If you walk on the Cape to Cape Track coming the other way from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse it is wheelchair and pram accessible for most of the way and offers great views of Sugarloaf Rock). 

As this is a wild environment please heed the Department of Parks and Wildlife signs and guidelines.


Sugarloaf Rock

Sugarloaf Rd, Naturaliste WA 6281, Australia


Star 4.8 (602 Google reviews)
Agustín Silvestre 05 January 2023

Outstanding sunset views, great spot for photographers, biographers or whoever to want to check this amazing view. Easy to good by car, then you need to walk a few meters, you don't need a 4WD to go but check the weather because it's not the best road. In this point you don't have rubbish bins, take your stuff with you, also you don't have water points so be aware.

Jeremy Teng 21 October 2022

Very good trail to sugar loaf road, well maintained road. However be careful of lizards and snakes as I saw a few rather big ones. Other than that really a good chill trail, very friendly slopes.

Vaughan Surch 28 October 2022

We drove around the coast for 10 mins to get a closer look than we had from the lighthouse. Great parking and groomed tracks to the viewing platform. Unfortunately we saw a feral fox with what we thought looked like a dead platypus in its mouth. Apart from we were treated to sea views and rugged coast line.

Happy Traveler 27 April 2023

Top spot to admire a bit of natural beauty on the west coast rugged coast line. Well maintained paths and grounds. Great opportunity to take some memorable photos and just chill out. Plenty of parking.