Yallingup Surf School

Star 5.0 (17 Google reviews)

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Yallingup Surf School

Monday to Sunday 7am to 7pm
The Yallingup Surf School is mobile, choosing the best waves day by day. Please call 1 hour prior to your booked lesson and listen for the message: 0429881221 :-)
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Ever wanted to give surfing in the South West of Australia a go? With Yallingup Surf School's friendly and experienced team of coaches, they can offer you a great way to experience the ocean and get you standing on a surfboard. In this region of world-class waves, you may just be after some local knowledge and someone to go surfing with. Catering to all ages & all stages, Yallingup Surf School can make your surfing experience in the South West the best there is on offer (weather permitting of course!) Yallingup Surf School is fully accredited by Surfing Australia.
Yallingup Surf School offers:
  • Surf Lessons (stand up surfboard riding)
  • Surf Groms program
  • Group Bookings
  • Private Lessons
  • Surf guiding
3 Day surf course - the perfect progression
  • HIRE anything for the beach and in the water
  • Customised surf based retreats, camps and sessions.
  • Surfing-based activities for school and corporate groups 
  • Beginner and Advanced (all ages)

What's provided?
  • Safe, soft learner boards
  • Warm, comfortable VOLTE wetsuits
  • Transport can be provided on request.  Please enquire directly. 



Yallingup Surf School

Yallingup Beach Rd, Yallingup WA 6282, Australia


Star 5.0 (17 Google reviews)
Claire B 31 January 2018

Could not have asked for a better experience. First time round spent two back to back mornings on solo lessons with Tim. As someone who grew up in the Southwest but never learnt how to surf it was just awesome to finally get confident on the waves. Both mornings were spent a different sections of Smith’s Beach. To top it off spent five minutes with a pod of dolphins - just a meter away, could have touched them. Doesn’t get any better than that. Went back with the boyfriend and a mate a few weeks later and joined in on the group sesh. Personally I’m glad I had the solo lessons behind me as it just gave me that extra independence in the waves. The initial cost ($100+ I think for an hour?) is worth it because soon you can just start hiring wetties and boards for $15. So glad I did this. Many thanks to Crystal and Tim and their crew.

Philipp Schläpfer 24 February 2023

Where should I start? Was there with my son (15) and me (46). Little experience in surf. A lot in water sports though. First of, Crystal did a splendid job sorting us out, keeping us informed and on time at the right spots with the right coaches over three different days. And we did get to know the spot from three totally different angels. A bit the wrong way round though but we didn’t care. First we’ve had super great day surfing the outer reef, with great support from Molly. Never surfed anything alike before but got told what to do in a proper and reassuring way, that we just did it. And it worked just super fantastic. The next day we were more tired and the whole situations just changed. Big winds came up and made everything way more challenging. This time it was Dillon who had his go with us. I caught less waves but the teen just went off… Dillon had to fulfill big expectations after we got to know Molly but he did just as good. Today then we went with a group of 5 with both coaches, Molly and Dillon, together. In the lagoon. Way smaller waves but good to work our technic. We did get very well taken care off by Crystal and the coaches. Thanks you guys big times! Hope it’ll not take me another 15 years to come back…

Jenni - 03 May 2022

We had such a great experience with Crystal. She is an amazing Surfer and teacher. Very professional and nice. We satyed longer than we planed because of the fun we had with her. My Highlight was, that i saw two dolphins in a wave. I only can recommend her and her team! So cool! Thank you for the unforgetable time Crystal!

Maria “MG” Gianopulos 31 December 2022

Lyndell made my very first surfing lesson so much less daunting. Thank you so much. I had such a blast! Highly recommended Crystal and the team.

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