Deepdene Cafe

Star 4.8 (1786 Google reviews)

Deepdene Cafe

Monday to Sunday 9am to 4pm
1 Jewel Cave Road, Deepdene, WA, 6290
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Great little cafe at the Jewel Cave precinct. Outdoor dining on the deck overlooking the surrounding Karri Forest or indoor dining by the fire. A beautiful place to stop and enjoy delicious coffee and home baked treats.
Serving up a delightful range of homemade cakes, pastries, breads, soups, sausage rolls, and much more! 
Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options available.
Pop in and enjoy a coffee, a homemade treat, milkshakes or fruit smoothie for dine-in or takeaway!



Deepdene Cafe

Jewel Caves Rd, Deepdene WA 6290, Australia


Star 4.8 (1786 Google reviews)
Meredith Spangler 28 May 2022

Absolutely stunning! Fully guided tour with very knowledgeable guide. The formations in the cave are remarkable, as is the story of its discovery. 300 steps down with viewing platforms spread along the way. A must see if you're in the Margaret River area. A little easier to negotiate than the Ngilgi Cave.

Raelene G 08 February 2022

I visited both the Mammoth Cave and Jewel Caves today. I liked that the Jewel Caves had a guide to take you through this amazing natural beauty. Mammoth is a self guided tour using a headset. A tour guide allows us to ask questions as we go, and l always like to see how engaged they are in what they are teaching us. Tom, our guide, was truly professional and hilarious at the same time. Great tour through the Cave. What a fascinating story on the discovery of the Cave and how the environment (global warming) has affected the Cave in such a short time. We even saw the skeletal remains of a possum (see photo). The walk is via internal stairs and pathways, both up and down over 3 levels. I highly recommend seeing this Cave and any of the others in the Margaret River region.

Kit Teguh 15 August 2022

Let's face it - unless you've got infinite time and money, you won't be able to see all the caves around the area. There's quite a few to choose from. Personally, I'd go Lake Cave because it is the most unique out of all the caves here. But in terms of diversity, beauty and experience, Jewel Cave is right up there. Moral of the story is, if Lake Cave is too full then just get over here. Or you know what? You can just skip Lake Cave and just visit Jewel Cave. There's a lot of formations here that you rarely see anywhere, and the guides are very knowledgable (it's not self-guided, but for good reason). The lights in the cave really make your presence there surreal, dream-like. I've been here at least a couple of times and every time has been an amazing experience. If you have the time, walk the trail around the cave. You can see the original entry from way back when. But the presence of the karri trees there will astound you, if you're new to how beautiful the forests are around here.

Uditha Jayawardena 13 November 2022

There are few caves around Margaret river and this one considered as the best if them. There is a guid to take you a tour for about an hour explaining everything about the cave. I would recommend to buy tickets in advance, but it is also possible to buy at the venue. There is enough parking at the venue and road to the venue is pretty good.