Deepdene Cafe

Star 4.8 (2004 Google reviews)

Deepdene Cafe

Monday to Sunday 9am to 4pm
1 Jewel Cave Road, Deepdene, WA, 6290
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Great little cafe at the Jewel Cave precinct. Outdoor dining on the deck overlooking the surrounding Karri Forest or indoor dining by the fire. A beautiful place to stop and enjoy delicious coffee and home baked treats.
Serving up a delightful range of homemade cakes, pastries, breads, soups, sausage rolls, and much more! 
Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options available.
Pop in and enjoy a coffee, a homemade treat, milkshakes or fruit smoothie for dine-in or takeaway!



Deepdene Cafe

Jewel Caves Rd, Deepdene WA 6290, Australia


Star 4.8 (2004 Google reviews)
Meredith Spangler 28 May 2022

Absolutely stunning! Fully guided tour with very knowledgeable guide. The formations in the cave are remarkable, as is the story of its discovery. 300 steps down with viewing platforms spread along the way. A must see if you're in the Margaret River area. A little easier to negotiate than the Ngilgi Cave.

Rong Wu 15 November 2022

Spectacular spot! The cave is 2km long ( tour only access 700m) and 42m deep. $22 per adult for a one hour guided tour. It worth to have a look. In this area there are a few other caves, I don’t know which one is the best.

Raelene G 08 February 2022

I visited both the Mammoth Cave and Jewel Caves today. I liked that the Jewel Caves had a guide to take you through this amazing natural beauty. Mammoth is a self guided tour using a headset. A tour guide allows us to ask questions as we go, and l always like to see how engaged they are in what they are teaching us. Tom, our guide, was truly professional and hilarious at the same time. Great tour through the Cave. What a fascinating story on the discovery of the Cave and how the environment (global warming) has affected the Cave in such a short time. We even saw the skeletal remains of a possum (see photo). The walk is via internal stairs and pathways, both up and down over 3 levels. I highly recommend seeing this Cave and any of the others in the Margaret River region.

Gavin 17 February 2023

Wow! Absolutely must do. I've never seen a cave like it, Amazing sights and very informative guided tour. There are about 250 stars down and bk up, took me mum in who's had both knees replaced and recently a few months ago a hip opp and she did struggle a bit about half way bk up, but was well worth it.