The Colourpatch Cafe & Bar

Star 4.1 (546 Google reviews)

The Colourpatch Cafe & Bar

Pass the Hotel on the left, then turn left at the bottom of the hill. YES... Colourpatch is right on the river making the most of the stunning views up Blackwood.
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The Colourpatch Cafe & Bar is located in the small coastal town of Augusta. The Restaurant's northerly aspect captures the stunning views of the Blackwood River and the township of Augusta. The bar features an early 1960's Albany-built 10-metre yacht, fully restored to its original condition. Specialising in fresh local seafood, including the famous Ocean Grown Abalone, there is something on offer for every palate.
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The Colourpatch licensed restaurant offers an A la Carte menu to enjoy a leisurely dinner by the log fire or you can just pop in for a glass of wine or tap beer at the bar.

Or order from the takeaway menu and enjoy over the road on the banks of the Blackwood River. Cool drinks and ice creams are also available. 



The Colourpatch Cafe & Bar

98 Albany Terrace, Augusta WA 6290, Australia


Star 4.1 (546 Google reviews)
Eve Evans 18 January 2022

Food was pretty good and the staff were really nice and friendly. Pizza was a little overdone, but tasted great. Sliders and prawns were quite small dishes, but definitely good. Big dining area, very pretty. Drinks were great also. Would definitely come back.

Kit Teguh 15 August 2022

The Colour Patch has the reputation of being the Southernmost eatery before you hit the Antarctics, even though I think you can get a quick bit in the lighthouse a few kilometres down. But we can let this one slide because the food is really good here. I really dig the nautical concept of the place to make it seem like the deck of a ship from outside in. The portion may not be enough if you're looking for a huge feed, so just order more. There's a good selection of drinks here too, being next door from the wine and beer region. Plus, the views are fantastic outside. The staff was also accommodating even though we came without a booking. So there's another pro tip for you - make a booking before you head here.

Jit Sandhu 16 October 2022

If watching dolphins play in the bay while enjoying a lovely wine and delicious lunch sound like a good combo, the colour patch needs to be on your itinerary. Beautifully perched next to the bay, the bright, airy and nautically themed vibes set the mood for a relaxing lunch. To continue the theme we ordered a classic fish and chips, Thai style fish and some oysters. The fish and chips were the perfect balance of crispy on the outside and fleshy inside. The Thai fish was sweet without being over poweringly so. And the oysters tasted like they’d been shucked straight from the bay. The combination of the view, food and drinks made the lunch an unforgettable one and one that we hope to repeat on our next visit.

Linda S 20 April 2022

Love the location of this restaurant. The big windows opened up to gorgeous view. Food and coffee were both good. Seems to be a little under staffed when we were having our lunch. Nevertheless, the service was excellent. Will definitely be back.