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“Which cave shall we visit?” is a question often asked by visitors to the region.

There are four caves open to the public in the Margaret River Region and each is beautiful and unique. Some are easier than others if you have kids, some have fewer stairs. Tours range from ‘at your own pace’ self guided tours, to guided tours along boardwalks.

So whether you’re travelling with children, have limited mobility, or prefer a fully guided tour, read on to find the perfect one for you.

Ngilgi Cave Rainy Day Fun Kids
Explore Ngilgi at your own pace, perfect for families.

Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup

Great for little kids, big kids, the active and adventurous

Ngilgi is big and beautiful, with an abundance of crystal formations to admire as you venture 36 metres underground. The self-guided experience begins on an accessible above-ground pathway called the Ancient Lands Experience, where visitors can discover stories associated with the land and its ancient history through a series of interactive installations. As you reach the entrance to Ngilgi Cave you’re free to continue to explore at your own pace, making this cave perfect for families with young kids. A guide stationed at the bottom of the cave can answer your questions and point out special stalactites.

Children go crazy in the optional crawl tunnel at the entrance. There are some uneven steps where little kids might need a hand, and seats if you want to catch your breath on the way back up.

Extra insight: There is even a nature playground situated in the gorgeous bushland to immerse in once you’ve completed the Ngilgi Cave and Ancient Lands Experience.

Lake Cave - Highest recorded water level in decades
The water level in the stunning Lake Cave is currently the highest it's been in decades. Photo: Holly Winkle

Lake Cave, Boranup

Great for breathtaking views and fully guided tours

Lake Cave is seriously spectacular. It’s set in lush karri forest, has a dramatic entrance through a sinkhole called a doline, and a ‘suspended table’ crystal decoration hanging above a permanent lake. The most actively dripping cave in the region, it’s remarkably peaceful hearing the drips.

It’s also the smallest but deepest cave, with 325 to reach its depths. The stairways are designed so that visitors ascend those stairs at their own pace with several spots to sit, rest and catch your breath whilst enjoying the stunning microclimate inside the doline.

Your guide will keep the group together as you venture through, which can be a challenge for younger children but great for older kids who are keen to learn.

Extra insight: The water level in the stunning Lake Cave is currently the highest it’s been in decades. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for visitors to experience the Lake Cave in this majestic state.

Mammoth Cave Child Friendly
Families will enjoy the self-guided experience at Mammoth Cave.

Mammoth Cave, Boranup

Great for young children, German, Mandarin, French and Malay speakers

Mammoth is home to the Megafauna fossils – giant creatures that roamed the forest 50 000 years ago. Tasmanian devil and thylacine bones have also been unearthed.

It’s a self-guided experience with an audio headset available. Cruise through at your own speed – you decide how many stairs to climb (from zero to a few hundred), and while you explore let the bones and fossils on display drive your imagination.

Enter the first chamber along a gently sloping boardwalk, there are stairs throughout the remaining sections of the cave, and you emerge on the other side through a doline into beautiful forest. Finish the tour by crossing caves road and wandering the optional Marri Walk through the native forest to gaze at the towering trees and the lush forest understory.

Jewel Cave Augusta
Jewel Cave, the largest show cave in Western Australia.

Jewel Cave, Augusta

Great for families with older kids and cave enthusiasts

Set among the towering Karri forests of Augusta, Jewel is the largest show cave in Western Australia and home to one of the longest straw stalactites in Australia.

Tours are fully guided and last for an hour, which makes it better for older kids who are happy to stay with the group.

The delicate crystal formations and excellent commentary make this an educational and breathtaking experience.

Tips For Visiting The Caves

  • Carry your baby in a front carrier to keep your hands free to hold the stair rails
  • Book ahead in the school holidays to secure a ticket
  • Look out for the Megafauna Nightstalks held during school holidays. These twilight tours take a fascinating look at ancient megafauna and are great for primary school aged children
  • Wear good walking shoes

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