Dark Matters

Explore the magical underground world of Ngilgi Cave


Your Margaret River Region is as spectacular underneath the ground as it is on top. Over 150 highly decorated limestone caves lay beneath the surface of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge.

Formed approximately 1 million years ago, a number of these complex and fragile karst systems are open to the public. Go inside and be amazed by these massive labyrinths decorated intricately with limestone crystal formations.

Cave tours range from completely easy ‘at your own pace’ self-guided tours, guided tours along boardwalks with great commentary, ‘off piste’ adventure hard-hat tours to extremely adventurous ‘abseil your way in’ expeditions.

It is difficult to choose the best cave tour in Your Margaret River Region. You can marvel at the reflections on Lake Cave’s permanent lake, be dwarfed in Jewel Cave’s enormous chambers and take it easy on the Mammoth Cave self- guided tour. At Yallingup’s Ngilgi Cave (pronounced ‘nilgi‘), you will learn the Aboriginal legend as you look up at limestone shawl formations– or delve deeper into the cave on an adventure tour.

Your Margaret River Region Caves

Ngilgi Cave

This exquisitely decorated cave was Western Australia’s first tourist attraction. Take in the cave’s beautiful bush setting while you learn about Ngilgi’s rich history, from the fascinating Aboriginal Dreamtime Story of the good spirit Ngilgi to the arrival of the first tourists in 1899.

Once inside the cave, the Semi-Guided Show Cave Tour allows you to admire the spectacular shawls, helictites, stalagmites and stalactites at your own pace. Discover new chambers and formations at every turn, including the ‘Fairy Cave’ and ‘Cupid’s Corner’. The ‘Tunnel of Doom’ is a must for children before you leave!

Exciting Ngilgi Adventure Tours are also available, which allow you to venture off the boardwalks by torchlight, led by an experienced guide. Highly recommended for thrill seekers!

Mammoth Cave

This natural time capsule offers an extraordinary insight into Australia’s ancient past.

Mammoth Cave has wheelchair access to the first chamber. Pick up your MP3 self-guided audio tour to get started; available in English, German and Mandarin.

Entering the cave through bushland via a gently sloping boardwalk, you’ll realise just how much there is to see here. Over 10,000 fossils had at one time accumulated inside the cave; upon excavating many of these were
found to be remains of Australian Megafauna (giant animals) that became extinct around 46,000 years ago.

There is even a 50,000 year old ‘zygomaturus’ jawbone embedded in the cave wall.

If you visit during winter, you will see a stream flowing through the cave which is stained red from natural tannins. As you leave the cave, complete your tour with a walk along the beautiful Marri trail.

Lake Cave

Enter this crystal wonderland via steps descending into a giant sunken entrance among ancient Karri trees.

Once inside the cave, be astonished by the unique ‘Suspended Table’ formation, which weighs several tonnes and seems to defy gravity as it hovers above the clear lake water.

See delicate crystal straws reflected in the water, and look out for droplets hanging from the tips of straws and stalactites – a sign that the formations are growing.

Once back above ground, admire the views from the Lake Cave Deck, a spectacular viewing platform in the treetops. Then brush up on your cave knowledge at the interpretive centre before enjoying refreshments at the onsite tearooms.

Jewel Cave

The largest show cave in Western Australia, entering Jewel Cave is like finding yourself inside a lofty natural cathedral. A modern interpretive centre and café welcome you to this gigantic cave.

As your guide leads you through the cave’s three vast caverns, you will see tremendous stalagmites, flowstones and shawls towering above you. Hear stories of how Tasmanian Tigers fell into the cave and perished.

Be astounded by delicate ‘straws’, one of which has grown to over five metres in length. Discover the cave’s unique formations, including the ‘Frozen Waterfall’ and ‘Organ Pipes’. As you complete the circular route through the cave, you will pass beneath coral formations that create the impression of being underwater.
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Mega-fun for the school holidays!

Megafauna Funshops will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at Lake Cave and Mammoth Cave.

More Ways to See the Caves

The following tours incorporate cave experiences:

  • The award-winning Bushtucker Cave & Canoe Tour takes you paddling down the Margaret River to visit a cave, walk a beautiful cliff, see wildlife, wildflowers, and wilderness.
  • Venture inside Ngilgi Cave with Koomal Dreaming to hear Dreamtime legends and watch a mesmerising didgeridoo performance which takes advantage of the awesome acoustics inside the cave.
  • With Margaret River Climbing Co. Adventure Tours (pictured), you can abseil into a cave via a small hole in the ground, enter the dark zone and be overwhelmed by gorgeous crystal formations.

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