Margaret River - A very special place

Surf Spots Near Margaret River

Our favourite surf breaks...

  • Surfers Point/Mainbreak: home to the Margaret River Pro, Surfers Point is internationally renowned as one of the main surf breaks along the south-west coastline - it has a big peak and is very consistent. When over 12 foot the left will line up all the way into the bay. South side is also a big heavy wave that will require lots of paddling. For something bigger still a few hundred metres to the south is a big tow-in wave known as Bombie. Lastly, there are a few outer reef breaks further south off the boat ramp.
  • Margaret River Mouth: this is quite a bit smaller than the surf south, with smallish rights and lefts breaking on a sandy bottom. Hence making it a great area for beginners, but be careful of rips in the area.
  • Redgate: the surf here is usually good on a small swell and holds shape well up to a 3 metre swell. The area is out of the main drag which means a little more of the wave to yourself.
  • Boranup: with the best surf south of Margaret River, Boranup is well worth the drive. With pristine, isolated beaches and clean surf Boranup is always sure to please. Boranup also offers some of the only beach access for 4WDs, accessible from the Hamelin Bay car park.
  • Injidup: offers surf renowned for its right and has a couple of peaks that handle size and surprisingly a slight onshore. The waves wall up, barrel and then provide a hittable lip. However this also means the break is quite popular and can get crowded. If so head a little further north to Pea Break and Mitchells, where there are long lefts that are a lot bigger than they first appear. A couple of take off points caters easily for crowds and size. These two breaks are 20 minutes walk from the car park.
  • Yallingup: home to a number of national and international surfing stars Yallingup has heaps to offer the keen surfer. With a big left hander and a more shapely right hander that will handle up to 20ft Yallingup provides great Mal waves. When really cranking the left will clean up everything in its path. Yallingup also provides great swimming, snorkeling and sun baking with a protected lagoon, while the sets roll on further out.
  • Three Bears: one of the premier surf spots due to a series of right and left that always seem to have a wave. During winter things can get serious, whilst summer is a whole lot of fun. This break handles anything from 2 to 10 foot. Access is by 4WD, with the quickest route from Sugarloaf Rock.

For those keen and willing to seek, there are heaps more breaks out there - those listed above are just a select few. A more detailed surf map is available from the Margaret River Visitor Centre.